DETA GEL system installedThermoset Resin Quality Control through Gel Detection

DETA GEL is a quality control instrument for measuring gel time and resin peak temperature under the controlled and real process environment of the pultrusion industry. The system is based on temperature measurements in two process modes:

(i)           in a specifically designed test tube holder or

(ii)           across the length of the pultrusion die


The DETA GEL system processes the temperature measurements and determines the resin gel time according to predefined settings and the point of maximum temperature in the process mode. The operator provides specific criteria on the resin reactivity/mixing proportions and DETA GEL makes a full check of the resin mix quality. At the laboratory process mode, the test tube holder (bath) is temperature controlled by DETA GEL, while at the production mode the position of the thermocouple within the die is estimated through the line speed settings.


DETA GEL is user friendly, versatile and highly accurate, thus acting as a gel tester while providing information for the optimum resin cure reactivity in pultrusion processing of composite materials.


The DETA GEL system has been installed in material test laboratories of pultrusion factories, including the production facilities of Exel Composites in UK and China. A specific version of DETA GEL involves linking to the dielectric sensing system of DETA SCOPE for simultaneous thermal and cure mapping of resin systems towards the definition of the optimal process conditions in composites manufacturing.


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