Measuring Dielectric Constant of Liquids

DETA DiCon is a laboratory instrument for measuring dielectric constant DETA DiCon(permittivity) of liquid samples. The system is based on the charging of a capacitor (concentric cylinder cell) under specified conditions of AC voltage and test frequency. The measured cell capacitance when the cell is loaded with liquid sample is compared with the empty cell capacitance to calculate the liquid’s dielectric constant. The DETA DiCon system performs accurately the measurements of empty cell and of loaded cell to derive capacitance values at the predefined settings. The system also creates a report with the test conditions, measurements and analysis results.


The liquid sample holder (cell) is constructed of bronze with the optimum geometry in order to evaluate the dielectric constant of liquid samples. The restriction is that the liquid should exhibit conductivity below a fixed limiting value. The instrument is equipped with a USB interface for communication to the DETA DiCon software run from a netbook. As the DETA DiCon software is user friendly, simple to use and robust, it allows fast, reproducible and accurate measurements of the dielectric properties of liquid samples.


Download DETA DiCon operation manual from the related files below

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