Since its establishment ADVISE-DETA has used the strong links to major industrial organisations on the composite materials manufacturing sector for  aerospace, automotive and construction to secure and execute bilateral contracts. In this way, novel and unique technological solutions for the shopfloor were developed. They include sensors, monitoring and quality control equipment, advanced software and modelling tools. Customers  include GKN Aerospace, Exel Composites UK, National Composite Centre and TWI in UK, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) in Turkey, GMI Aero in France, Carbo Link in Zurich, University of Southern California in Los Angeles and University of Bristol in UK.


Furthermore, ADVISE-DETA creates innovative technology for composites manufacturing and operation through the participation in research projects, funded by European Union and Innovate UK. These projects include:

  • OPTO-CLAVE: Design, implementation and validation of an automatic learning cure cycle optimisation process for the eco-efficient autoclave processing of composite materials (EU Clean Sky project, 2012 – 2013) for the  development of automatic learning tools and industrial software (DETA-LEARN) for the optimisation of composite manufacturing profile towards energy efficiency and cost reduction
  • PUL-AERO: High quality curved aerospace composites using pultrusion manufacturing (EU Aeronautics project, 2013-2016) for pultrusion line sensors to monitor on-line resin viscosity and cure as well as ultrasonic sensor array to perform on-line NDI on aerospace composite profiles
  • VIBRATION: Global in flight health monitoring platform for composite aerostructures based on advanced vibration based methods (EU Aerospace project, 2013-2017) for development and testing in lab-scale a novel vibration measurement system
  • NEWCORT: Novel Processes and Equipment in Composite Repair Technology (EU Clean Sky project, 2015-2019) for the development of a material-based sensing system at the repair process of aeronautical primary structures
  • WIN-TOOL: Composite tool for winglet manufacturing (EU Clean Sky project, 2018-2019) for the development of smart multi-zone thermal control system of self-heated RTM moulds in composite manufacturing
  • GRAPHOSITE: A Graphene Sensor for Defect Detection and Predictive Maintenance in Composite Materials (Innovate UK project, 2018-2021) for the development of compact and robust measurement system of graphene sensors for strain evaluation and defect detection in composites
  • HIPPAC: High performance pultrusion for advanced composites (Innovate UK project, 2020-2021) for the development of supervisory monitoring system in pultrusion processing including material-state sensing, temperature control and non-destructive inspection of profiles
  • ESENSE: Out-of-autoclave self-heated tooling enabling temperature homogeneity and embedded graphene sensors (Innovate UK project, 2022-2024) for wireless sensing system and multi-zone thermal management system in composite manaufacturing
  • HYPERCOMP: Hybrid sensing system for the on line optimal process and health monitoring in composite structures (EUREKA Eurostars project, 2022-2025) for intelligent sensing system performing both process monitoring (in manufacturing) and health monitoring (in operation) of composites



ADVISE-DETA uses the advanced knowledge and constructive collaborations arising from the research projects to develop and improve the company products. The promotion and marketing of the technology prototypes is facilitated by participation at key expositions and shows in UK and Europe. Furthermore, the established strong contacts with key advanced composite structures manufacturers, raw material producers, industrial equipment integrators and research laboratories promote the integration of these prototypes to production equipment and the manufacturing practice.


The increasing demand of industrial process monitoring techniques in advanced composites manufacturing industry together with the advancement of the technology readiness level of developed solutions will assist in the acceptance of these methods in the shopfloor and the wider use across several industrial sectors.


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