The technical expertise of ADVISE-DETA has been used to formulate specific products in the area of composite materials manufacturing support. Key products include DETA SCOPE for Cure Performance Monitoring, DETA GEL for Thermoset Resin Quality Control through Gelation, DETA DiCon for measuring Dielectric Constant of Liquids and PUL-NDI for In-line Non-Destructive Inspection of Composite Profiles.



Our products combine the following:

  • Process monitoring
  • Thermal management systems for control
  • Dielectric sensors design and implementation
  • On-line and post-processing software
  • In-line non-destructive inspection (NDI)


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Discover the unlimited possibilities

Today new generation of dielectric sensing elements developed by ADVISE-DETA can be used for real-time measurements of the actual physical and chemical state of a wide range of materials. Dielectric sensing has been applied not only to resins as matrices of composite materials, but also to the following material systems:


  • Dispersions of nanoparticles (CNTs, grapheme products) to organic (resins) and inorganic (concrete, water) matrices for properties enhancement in the nano-scale
  • Exhaust fumes of burned gases for measurement of gas velocity and engine operation optimisation
  • Biological materials (human cells) for the detection of tumours and dead cells as an in situ and in vivo diagnosis during operations


In these applications ADVISE-DETA has adapted sensor design to the particular sensing  environment and developed measurement and analysis software for the performance of tests with reliability and confidence.


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Maximise the benefits from our technology

The monitoring and control technology based on dielectric sensing has been applied successfully to a number of composite manufacturing routes, such as oven and autoclave curing, RTM, HP-RTM, vacuum  infusion, resin transfer infusion, pultrusion and compression moulding.

ADVISE-DETA offers the instrumentation of the process equipment and tooling (oven, autoclave, mould, die, press tools) to implement the sensors and to connect the sensing signal to the supervisory control of the process. Demonstrations of this integration have been made to autoclave and pultrusion processing, while for other manufacturing methods contracts are in progress.


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A novel technology has been developed by ADVISE-DETA in collaboration with Exel Composites and concerns the in-line non-destructive inspection (NDI) of composite profiles during pultrusion manufacturing. This non-invasive evaluation system allows the real-time detection of structural defects in composite structures (profiles) and therefore the tuning of the manufacturing process for quality production of composites. This method can be further adapted to several composites processing routes.


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