Since its establishment ADVISE has used the strong links to major industrial organisations in manufacturing composite materials for the aeronautical, automotive and construction sectors to obtain and execute bilateral contracts with these organisations on developing unique technological solutions for the shopfloor, such as sensors, equipment, software and modelling tools. Customers which have awarded these contracts to ADVISE include Bombardier Aerospace UK, National Composite Centre and TWI in UK, Turkish Aerospace Industries in Ankara, GMI Aero in France, Carbo-Link in Zurich, Exel Composites in UK and Finland, University of Southern California in Los Angeles and University of Bristol in UK.


Furthermore, ADVISE has developed novel manufacturing support systems and verified their industrial implementation by participating in a series of research projects, funded by European Union. These projects in chronological order are:




ADVISE-DETA Ltd. was established in UK for the promotion and marketing of the technology prototypes developed by ADVISE. The location of this company in a dynamic growing industrial environment guarantees the successful deployment of the niche products. Furthermore, the company will utilise the established strong contacts with key advanced composite structures manufacturers, raw material producers, industrial equipment integrators and research laboratories to promote the integration of these products to production equipment and the manufacturing practice.


The increasing demand of industrial process monitoring techniques in advanced composites manufacturing industry together with the advancement of the technology readiness level of developed solutions will assist in the acceptance of these methods in the shopfloor and the wider use across several industrial sectors. To this end, ADVISE-DETA participates in industrial research programs funded by Innovate UK. Current projects include:


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